What’s The Best Exercise For Weight Loss?

As a personal trainer, it’s common for people to ask me, “What’s the best exercise for weight loss?”. Most people don’t get too specific about what they mean by weight loss – the body is made up of different tissues, including skin, fat, muscle and bone – but usually they mean fat loss – we Continue reading →

Cutting Up For Bodybuilding

Here’s how someone over 50 gets shredded for a bodybuilding competition.

Best Natural Bodybuilding Exercises

Here are the best exercises for building natural muscle and an incredible physique. Young or old, these are great basics to build a better body.

Diet for Natural Bodybuilding Over 50

What does it take to look like Frank Zane when you’re over 50? Sculpting an amazing body while he eats lard – to help strip fat.

Motivation for Natural Bodybuilding Over 50

Tomas de Milera is a 51 year old bodybuilder with a classic physique like Frank Zane. Peek into his world as he prepares for competition and he shares what it takes to be a natural bodybuilder.

Low Calorie Spring Roll Recipe

Each spring roll nets you about 60 calories so they are great if you’re trying to lose fat. Bodybuilders out there could substitute a couple of these for rice as a taste treat to break up the monotony.

Squats – How to Do Them Correctly

Squats are a fundamental movement. A good squat will not only strengthen legs and glutes, it will also strengthen the core (front and back).

Avoid Overeating – 4 Simple Tips

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Here are a few strategies to help you strip down your portion sizes and simultaneously reduce your daily calorie intake without having to resort to crazy crash diets or depriving yourself in any way.

Performance Enhancement For All Ages

Do you love your sport and want to stay in the game longer and stronger? We’ve got 50 year-olds riding motor cross like they’re still 21.

Staying Young With Strength Training

It’s no secret that more people expect to stay healthy and youthful for as long as possible.

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