Personal Training Client Win – Maree Cheatham

Maree shows how the right combination of exercise, nutrition and attitude keeps her acting career blooming.

Biggest Loser Inspires… Not Much

Shows like the Biggest Loser take an approach to fitness much like crash diets do with nutrition but do they actually inspire people to get active?

Performance Enhancement For All Ages

Do you love your sport and want to stay in the game longer and stronger? We’ve got 50 year-olds riding motor cross like they’re still 21.

Personal Training Success Story #1

Rudi has been doing personal training since the eighties, well before it was mainstream. In that time he has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals.

Exercise – Instant Gratification

Most people start exercising to lose weight then give up soon after. The people who keep exercising usually look amazing but that’s not why they do it…

Gofitnow Personal Training

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Hi There! Are you looking at making some changes in your life? Ready to change your shape, increase your energy, improve your health, lose weight and start taking charge of your body? If you’re really ready for a change, it’s worth investing in a real personal trainer who is certified with the American College of Continue reading →

Resistance Training – The Fountain of Youth?

There are no drugs to stop sarcopenia, the only weapon against it is to maintain muscle mass and the only way to do this is with some form of resistance training.

Exercise – Does It Make You Smarter?

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It’s pretty common knowledge that exercise is a necessary part of a healthy life. By exercise is meant anything that puts the body to work in some way, from walking and yoga to more strenuous activities like running, weights training or racquet ball. Exercise keeps your heart and lungs healthy, improves bone and muscle strength Continue reading →

Getting into Shape – What’s it Worth?

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According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the estimated annual medical cost of cardiovascular disease or stroke is $209.3 billion; cancer is $60.9 billion; diabetes is $92 billion; obesity is $61 billion. That’s a total of $423.2 billion! What’s more, many of these diseases can be prevented by simply exercising and eating Continue reading →

My problem is I have trouble getting started.

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If the hardest part to anything for you is just getting started then check out these tips.

1 – Have a worthwhile goal.
2 – What is your level of interest, desire or motivation towards that goal.
3 – How badly do you really want to achieve this worthwhile goal?
4 – Is it important for you to attain?
5 – What are you willing to do to make it happen?
6 – What level of priority will you make this goal in your life?

Answering the above questions will shed light on the level of success besides how hard or easy it is going to be for you to get started and continue at anything.

May you use this well.

Rudi Marashlian

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