Here is an easy seniors’ strength workout

Always do a warm-up

To begin you are going to do a nice simple warm-up. You don’t have to go outdoors or use equipment. You can run in place, step side-to-side, etc., for about 2-3 minutes.

After warming up, make sure to stretch.

Simple, Safe Squats

Once this is all done, you will begin the workout. The first exercise is going to be a squat. You are going to use a wall, put your back against it and make sure your legs are knee to shoulder width apart and do your squats. To make this exercise tougher, bring your arms straight out in front of your while you do the squats.

For the next level up you will need to get a chair and place it against the wall. Do your squat with your arms straight out and bring yourself down so you are almost to the chair. To make this even more of a challenge you can bring your hands behind your ears while doing the squats.

Chest Strength

The next exercise is going to workout the chest. You are going to place your hands against the wall and do push-ups against the wall.

To make this a little harder you can bring yourself further out from the wall and to make it quite a bit more difficult you can do these on a table or something of that sort (because it is lower).

Focus on the Lower Back

The next exercise is going to focus on the lower back. You are going to lie flat on your stomach and raise one leg off the ground, alternating from one to the other. If that is too easy you can do flutter kicks, which is where both legs are lifted off the ground and you are lifting one and then the other quite quickly.

To change this into an upper body workout you are going to have your hands under your chin and you are going to lift your arms/upper body up and down.

Very Easy Plank (Good for the Core)

Another exercise you can do for the upper body is the plank. Lie with your forearms and knees on the ground and hold for about 30-60 seconds (or whatever you are able to do).

Bridges for a Better Bottom

Finally, you are going to do an exercise that will work on your bottom. You will lie back down on the mat with your arms by your side, knees bent and feet flat on the floor about hip width apart and lift your bottom up and down off of the floor.

Cool Down and Stretch

Once you are done with your workout, make sure to cool off and stretch.

Stay Healthy, Stay Strong

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