Personal Training Client Win – Maree Cheatham

Congratulations Maree Cheatham!

Maree Cheatham

We’d like to congratulate our client, Maree Cheatham on her upcoming role as Bettie Breeland in Hart of Dixie!

You can see her on the show when Hart of Dixie returns to television October 7 on the CW Network.

Here’s more about Maree’s latest role from E Online and Day Time Confidential.

Nickelodeon’s Sam and Cat

She also has a recurring role as Nona, Cat’s grandmother, on the Nickelodeon show Sam and Cat – a physically demanding role that has her doing her own stunts such as falling from a moving shopping cart while wrapped up in a burlap bag (see Episode 1).

Maree is Staying Young

Maree is setting the stage for women of all ages by demonstrating your chronological age doesn’t have to get in the way of your life or career and that it is possible to combat Father Time with the right combination of nutrition, exercise and attitude.

“Working with Tracey has made me stronger and able to withstand 16 hours standing on concrete floors in the sound stages.

It takes a lot of stamina and strength to be able to do most of my own stunt work.

I cannot tell you what an asset her training is to anyone, especially an actress of indeterminate years!”

Maree Cheatham

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Performance Enhancement For All Ages

How Many Regular People Play Sports?

How many people do you know who engage in a favorite sport? Most people do it to have fun, some do it to stay in shape and a few are really serious about their sport. Just because you’re not a pro athlete doesn’t mean you don’t take your sport seriously. Go down to your local tennis courts on a Sunday morning and you’ll see what I mean – some serious game playing going on.

We’ve come across all manner of sports in our line of work – skeet shooting, motocross, skiing, golfing, extreme frisbee, racquet ball, long-distance motorcycle racing, bodybuilding, basketball, volleyball, hockey, just to name a few. We’ve also come across a myriad of ages of people wanting to excel in their chosen sport, anywhere from age 14 to 75.

Why Hire  a Pro Fitness Coach for Sport?

You might be wondering why someone who is regularly engaged in a sport would bother hiring a professional fitness coach, seeing as they’re already active and probably fit. The answer is simple – adding a strong general strength and conditioning base to their sport makes it easier to continue to participate well for longer (both on the day and over the years). Including sport-specific training drills into general fitness training can substantially enhance your performance.

Here’s what David Potts, 54 year-old long-distance off-road motorcycle racer has to say:

” I had a great race at the 2012 Parker 250 this January and I can easily contribute my success to my improved fitness.

“I first raced the Parker 250 in 2010 and our main competitor, Dana Reed, was there again in 2012. In 2010 Dana actually beat me by a few minutes but this year I finished 15 minutes ahead of him in 80 miles of racing.

“This race is a team race so I was only on the bike for 80 miles but I know I could have ridden the entire race (240 miles) if I needed to. Back in 2010 I struggled just to complete 80 miles.”

Sandee Ferman, after only a few weeks on a fitness program had this to say about her golfing performance:

“I noticed when I played golf on Monday that I didn’t get tired after 9 holes like I usually did. In fact I didn’t really get tired at all during the entire 18 holes.”

Stan Gale, in his 50′s and an avid motocross rider, can outride men in their 20′s and stay on the track for longer than just about anyone. He’s been working out and improving his general strength and fitness every week for several years and it’s been paying dividends – he continues to enjoy a sport that’s rougher than most on the body.

So, What’s the Good News?

The good news is this – if you’re getting older, you can still play the sports you love with as much energy and skill as ever, you just have to prime your body for it. How? By having a really good regular general fitness regimen. A good foundation to keep you injury-free and in peak condition for the things you enjoy most in your life.

If you’ve got a sport you used to enjoy or one you’d like to continue to enjoy well into the future, fire us an email. We might have something to help you stay in the game (and even excel beyond your past performance).

Age is no object where we come from.

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Resistance Training – The Fountain of Youth?

Aging is inevitable – the years go by and you get older. There’s no stopping time but it is possible to redefine aging. For most of us it’s understood that aging means the body starts to decay, the hard and soft tissues gradually deteriorate and physical activity becomes more difficult to accomplish. We’ve all seen elderly people using walking frames or stooped over a walking stick moving slowly.

Sarcopenia is a word used to mean wasting of muscle that occurs naturally with age. Most people’s bodies lose about 10% of muscle mass each decade once they reach their thirties. This accelerates dramatically once the age of sixty is reached. This muscle wastage has many undesirable effects, among them:

  • Trouble with balance and, as a result, a higher chance of falling (a major problem for the elderly)
  • Poor recovery from disease or surgery. Muscle provides a storehouse of protein to aid efficient recovery and when it’s absent, recovery is slow or non-existent
  • Lack of strength and power resulting in dependence on others to get in and out of the bath or even into and out of bed in some cases
  • Osteoporisis – a disease whereby bones become porous and fragile
  • Increased fat deposits (as muscle mass decreases, metabolism slows down so fewer daily calories are burned, resulting in greater fat storage)

There are no drugs to stop sarcopenia, the only weapon against it is to maintain muscle mass and the only way to do this is with some form of resistance training, whether it be using your own body weight (as with push-ups, chin-ups, dips or body-weight squats), using free weight and machine weights or doing physical work like digging ditches or loading bricks.

Forever Youthful Sherryl

In our personal training business we are seeing more people over fifty who have realized they need to maintain their muscle mass and who are doing so very successfully with carefully programmed, fun exercises that include good doses of resistance training. There’s no better time than the present to get started and, the good news is, it’s never too late to get started.

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Body Fitness And Pain-Free Posture

September 14, 2011 by  
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Posture is defined as skeletal and muscular balance of the body that allows it to move in certain ways and stay in certain positions without causing it injury. It has been found that misaligned skeletal framework of a body (most importantly the spine) can cause a multitude of health problems. The largest of these problems would be the obstruction of messages from the nervous system to other parts of the body, since the spine is necessary in order to get messages to and from the brain. This is a huge concern as the nervous system plays a large part in regulating the other systems of the body.

The most common form of poor posture is forward-head posture (FHP). People generally develop this misalignment by sitting at a desk for too long, driving, playing video games and so on. If parts of the body are out of their optimal alignment for too long, the muscles begin to adapt by either shortening or lengthening. This results in muscle imbalances and can create problems with nerve tissue. FHP, specifically, has been shown to cause restricted motion of the neck and cause chronic neck pain.

When having poor posture in general, the body is balanced less efficiently. This causes an undesirable effect on how well the body moves. It has been shown that poor posture causes unnecessary pain during pregnancy and is also associated with increased falls in elderly people.[1]

From the above you can see why having optimal posture is so important. But what exactly is optimal posture? Optimal posture consists of keeping your head neutral, no forward of backward tilt, having a slight curve in your spine, and keeping your shoulders down and back, not slumped forward and not pulled unnaturally too far back.

Having good posture is important at all stages of a person’s life. Make sure that you keep your head neutral and shoulders aligned properly and you will not only reap the benefits of good posture but you will also train your muscles to stay in the correct position to hold your skeleton together properly well into old age.

[1] Idea Fitness Journal, pg 47.

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