Personal Training Client Win – Maree Cheatham

Maree shows how the right combination of exercise, nutrition and attitude keeps her acting career blooming.

Performance Enhancement For All Ages

Do you love your sport and want to stay in the game longer and stronger? We’ve got 50 year-olds riding motor cross like they’re still 21.

Resistance Training – The Fountain of Youth?

There are no drugs to stop sarcopenia, the only weapon against it is to maintain muscle mass and the only way to do this is with some form of resistance training.

Body Fitness And Pain-Free Posture

September 14, 2011 by  
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Posture is defined as skeletal and muscular balance of the body that allows it to move in certain ways and stay in certain positions without causing it injury. It has been found that misaligned skeletal framework of a body (most importantly the spine) can cause a multitude of health problems. The largest of these problems Continue reading →

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