I have been working with Rudi and Tracey of GoFitNow for 4 1/2 months. To me, the transformation has been nothing short of “miraculous”.  My desire was to build stamina and endurance, strength and toning. I also had a problem where I would become “dizzy”, “light headed” after just a bit of cardio or weight training. I would even get dizzy sometimes just going from a sitting to a standing position (possibly also due to low blood pressure). I thought this was something I was just going to have to learn to live with.

Fast forward from May 10, 2017 to Sept 27, 2017.  I am now able to train for an hour (strength training and cardio) without getting dizzy at all. Amazing. I still have low blood pressure but, after working with Rudi and Tracey, my body and heart have become stronger. I am able to lift heavier weights,perform strength exercises with greater ease than ever before, do cardio at intervals for 30 minutes (I used to do 5 minutes without intervals at best), and my stamina has increased dramatically.

This training is changing my body and mind. I feel and look better than I have for many years. 

I just went on a trip with my 37 year old son and his wife. We went snorkeling in Cozumel. After approximately 40 minutes in the water (treading water and fighting big waves), the “Kids” said they were getting out of the water because they were tired and needed a break. I, on the other hand, could have stayed in the water for much longer with NO fatigue, tiredness, or lightheadedness. 

By the way, I am a 66 year old female and feel great thanks to Rudi and Tracey Marashlian.

Bonnie Keith

VideoMagic Productions

I experienced a great milestone this month, with weight melting off of me, % fat dropping and lean mass increasing.   I can now squat MORE than my body weight, bench press, split lunge squat, shoulder press, the list goes on and on… while I work among the big boys – with respect.  My overall strength is gaining and I’m setting my new personal records almost weekly.  It’s almost hard to wipe the smile off my face when I think, “did I really do that?”.

My workouts are amazing, Rudi tailors every training session to MY needs and goals. I continue to learn new techniques and tools, and feel with 100% certainty I could have never made my progress to-date without you Rudi, thank-you!

Sherryl Jurisch

Rudi is the most educated trainer, in nutrition, fitness and general motivation that I have come across.

He is a valuable commodity to me because of the results he gets. He has handled [dispelled] a lot of false and misleading information in the area of sports and fitness for me.

Kate Ceberano

Australian National Celebrity, Ceberano Productions

She (Kate Ceberano) has worked with many fitness “experts” over the years, however the only person who she has had substantial results with, and an on-going relationship with, is Rudi Marashlian.

Lee Rogers

Manager, Ceberano Productions

Since training with Rudi I have learned a whole different approach to exercising, technique and philosophy. His knowledge about the fitness levels of the body and his consistent application of perfection of form set him apart in a league of his own.  He not only helped me in my own training program but has also helped to guide my patients concerning fitness and exercise.

Dr. Julie Gatza


A little over 2 years ago I was diagnosed with osteopenia of my lumbar spine and hips plus I had hit menopause and was 30 lbs overweight.  That’s when I decided to hire a personal trainer to teach me weight bearing exercises for my bones.

A friend of a friend referred me to Rudi and now after 2 years of training with Rudi and Tracey I am excitedly happy to report my bone density has increased almost 5 %  for my spine and 3 % for my hips without any medication!!!!! Plus I lost over 30 lbs and have a completely new wardrobe.
I don’t fear aging so much anymore because now I have the tools to keep me healthy, strong, and fit.

Dana Prather


I have been working out with Rudi for more than a year now.  During that period of time, I have lost 25 pounds and trimmed my body fat by over 7%!

Unlike some trainers, Rudi takes a holistic view of personal fitness – helping you with not only strength training, but also flexibility, and proper diet.  In fact, Rudi’s focus on improving diet is what really helped me turn the corner on my health.

Another aspect that I really enjoy about both Rudi and Tracey is their ongoing commitment to continuing education.  Throughout the year, they attend numerous fitness/health seminars and incorporate their learning into our workouts.   I can honestly say that with Rudi’s help, I am now in the best shape that I have been in for 20 years, and am at my college weight again!  Thanks Rudi!

Bruce Cacho-Negrete

Financial Planner

When I first came to Rudi, I was in total confusion in regards to my body. I had a knee injury, and a  surgery was scheduled,  I was 50lbs overweight and hadn’t exercised in months. My past of being a competitive soccer player and always in shape, plagued me for I always remembered how I was and I couldn’t ever confront how I actually was, for it was depressing.

The care and ability to assess what was needed with me was amazing, not only did they work on strengthening my knee after surgery and overall body strength, they also helped me with some great suggestions for diet that I immediately started to lose weight without some silly starvation diet. The combination of exercise, strength, stretching and diet that Rudi laid out for me was the correct formula needed for me to make progress and not to be confused about what my body needed to be healthier and stronger.


Jenna Capozzi

CEO/Executive Producer, Capozzi Productions

I started so insecure and out of place. Then I realized that I don’t need people judging me about my weight and appearance anymore. My parents had been on my back about losing weight and getting into shape so they did me the biggest favor in the world and got me a personal trainer. Since I’ve started I’ve felt so good about my body, I feel like nobody can judge me anymore.

My mom and I went to the mall to buy me jeans and she brought a size 12 and I tried it on and it was too big. So I told her to bring a size 10 and that was also too big. I was so surprised and my mom was so happy she literally told everyone about it.

Overall I can feel myself getting strong and I’m not as tired anymore. I used to walk up the stairs at my house and by the time I was at the top I was totally out of breath. Now when I walk up, I can just breath normally. I also realized that a lot of my activities have been getting easier too. For example, my running at school has gotten so much easier!

I’m definitely going to continue my training and eating the things that are good for me. I’m prouder than I’ve ever been and I can tell my parents are proud of me too!


High School Student