Below is our list of preferred supplements. We believe that if you’re going to work hard for a strong, healthy body you should only put natural ingredients into it so this list DOES NOT include anything with nasty toxins or unpronounceable chemicals (artificial sugar substitutes and flavors, colors, you name it).


Nature’s Plus – Source Of Life Energy Shake – 2.2 lbs.

Source Of Life Energy Shake is an amazing supplement. We use it whenever we travel overseas because you really feel pepped up after a serving. It’s non-GMO and doesn’t have any yeast, corn or milk. It does have an amazing flavor and a ton of vitamins and minerals as well as a lovely green hue.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey, Naturally Flavored Vanilla, 4.8 Pound

Optimum Nutrition Natural Vanilla Whey Powder is our second choice when it comes to protein powders. It’s a healthier version of the classic high-protein powders and the huge pack ensures you have plenty to last for quite a while. It mixes well in smoothies and over oatmeal.

Standard Process – Whey Pro Complete 19 Ounces

Standard Process Whey Pro Complete is a very clean protein powder with only 5 ingredients (none of them flavors or sweeteners). It’s expensive, but it’s also one of the best supplements around. 15 grams of clean protein per serving and safe for people of all ages.


BCAA and Glutamine supports muscle endurance, growth and recovery. During times of metabolic stress (such as high intensity strength training), BCAAs may become fuel for your muscles, help in protein synthesis and prevent protein breakdown while glutamine is known for its ability to enhance immune function, preserve muscle tissue and decrease recovery time from training sessions.

Branch Chain Amino Acids alone to help you maintain and build muscle mass. This one has no extra stuff in it, just straight up BCAAs.



100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate has no fillers, flavors or sweeteners. It helps support protein synthesis to help muscles grow and it aids recovery. Over all one of the best muscle-building supplements with over 80 years of scientific studies backing its effectiveness.