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Do You Want to Transform Your Body?

It can be tough knowing what to do and whether you’re working at the right level when you’re on your own. You have to be able to overcome all kinds of obstacles to really succeed at getting the body you want. Working together with a Go Fit Now trainer, you have an experienced team to help you get there faster and safer.

Are You Serious About Getting in Shape?

If you’re really ready for a change, it’s worth investing in a personal trainer who is certified with the American College of Sports Medicine and who has a proven track record of client success, preferably a couple of decades at least (you are worth it to yourself to get the very best).

Is it Time to Turn Back the Clock?

There is no better way to look and feel more youthful than by training with us at Go Fit Now. We specialize in working with the more mature crowd and we practice what we preach – you won’t find any inexperienced twenty-somethings here.


People who exercise and do not get the results they want


People who exercise and are getting the results they want


People who exercise and get the results they want BECAUSE they have a personal trainer

Rudi Marashlian – ACSM EP 

Rudi Marashlian is an American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Physiologist who studied Exercise Science at The University of New South Wales in Australia (the Aussies are on top when it comes to fitness education). He’s been training and coaching people professionally since the eighties and has even taught other successful trainers! You’d be hard-pressed to find a better-qualified, more experienced personal trainer anywhere in America. He has limited space for new clients but is willing to meet with you one-on-one by appointment to discuss your individual needs and suggest solutions that may include personal training, online fitness and exercise coaching, or a personalized fitness program tailored just for you. Just meeting with him has helped turn things around for many people.

Rudi is a complement to my practice. He is extremely knowledgeable, works well with our clients, and most importantly, I see profound results. Dr. Donald W. Plance D.O. 

CONTACT RUDI: 818-516-5618

Tracey Marashlian – ACSM CPT

Tracey Marashlian is an American College of Sports Medicine  Certified Personal Trainer who has been involved in the fitness industry for over two decades. She specializes in training professional women who want to look and feel their best so they can power on in their busy lives and careers. As a woman in her late forties and mother of three, she understands what it takes to become and to stay fit, strong, healthy and in shape long-term. As a lifelong educator, she knows how to communicate what’s needed and help others put their exercise essentials into practice. 

Working with Tracey has made me stronger and able to withstand 16 hours standing on concrete floors in the sound stages. It takes a lot of stamina and strength to be able to do most of my own stunt work. I cannot tell you what an asset her training is to anyone, especially an actress of indeterminate years! Maree Cheatham, Actress 

CONTACT TRACEY: 818-800-1322

Rudi Marashlian
Tracey Marashlian

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