Best Natural Bodybuilding Exercises

Here are the best exercises for building natural muscle and an incredible physique. Young or old, these are great basics to build a better body.

Squats – How to Do Them Correctly

Squats are a fundamental movement. A good squat will not only strengthen legs and glutes, it will also strengthen the core (front and back).

Easy Seniors’ Strength Workout

Strong seniors stay youthful longer. Here is a simple, easy strength workout for seniors. No equipment needed.

Strength and Tone Workout

Simple strength and tone workout can be done anywhere. Easy strength exercises for everyone.

Staying Young With Strength Training

It’s no secret that more people expect to stay healthy and youthful for as long as possible.

Over 50′s Natural Bodybuilding – Grand Masters

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Can a 53 year-old man build muscle and look like a 30 year-old in less than 2 years WITHOUT the use of testosterone or growth hormones?

Spartacus To The Max!

Sick of Insanity? Ready for some intense, hard-core, tough training in less than 30 minutes? Full body strength and conditioning with enough variations to keep you on your toes (and out of breath). Here’s our Spartacus take – perfect for men and women ready for a fitness challenge.

Resistance Training – The Fountain of Youth?

There are no drugs to stop sarcopenia, the only weapon against it is to maintain muscle mass and the only way to do this is with some form of resistance training.

Strength Out-Muscles Diabetes

Something you might not know is that strength training has been proven to help prevent type 2 diabetes. Studies have been done to show that strength training helps prevent type 2 diabetes by triggering metabolic changes in the body.

Exercise Your Neck

Have you ever heard of exercising your neck? Sure, we work out our biceps, triceps, abdominal muscles, gluteus muscles, quads and hamstrings but when was the last time you did a neck exercises? Probably never, but it’s an area of the body that should not be neglected. A strong neck has many advantages. The neck, Continue reading →

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