Lower Back Pain Free – Gofitnow Success!

As personal trainers, we do a lot more than just run people through a battery of exercises. Every body is different and every day can bring new challenges, especially as bodies get older.  We have lots of tools, including specialized stretching and massage techniques, to help release tight muscles and bring relief, often when nothing else has helped.

Here is Robin’s recent success after Rudi did some highly specific massage and showed her some easy-to-do back stretches. Her lower back and hips were locked up making even walking very painful. Flying from Sydney to Los Angeles didn’t help matters. Within a very short time she was pain free and able to move easily.

Robin is Back Pain-free Within Two Days

“I was suffering extreme pain in my lower back and hip area, the pain had been present for about a week and had been exacerbated by the flight from Sydney to Los Angeles. Pain killers and muscle relaxants were not helping and neither did the $100 trip to the acupuncturist.

“Rudi Marashlian gave me about two 20 minute sessions of myofascial treatments (massage technique targeting the tissue covering the muscles) and I was pain free within 2 days.

“Thank you Rudi.”

Lower Back Pain-free - Gofitnow Success!

Robin enjoying a mountain hike

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Personal Training Success Story #1

Rudi has been doing personal training since the eighties, well before it was mainstream. He worked in Sydney, Australia for many years and, more recently, has been based in the La Crescenta area of Los Angeles.

In that time he has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals of losing weight, getting stronger, getting healthier and taking full control of their own bodies. Many clients write success stories that are inspiring and insightful.

We received such a success story from one of our clients, Artin, the other day. Here is for you to enjoy.

Artin’s Personal Training Success Story

Artin Before and After

My name is Artin, I am 36 years old and for the last 25 years I have been overweight and those who are in that situation know that being overweight creates a lot of problems in your personal life. All these years I tried a lot of different diets but they didn’t work or if I did lose weight is was for a short period of time and I gained it all back plus a few extra pounds after a few months. So the situation was getting worse and worse, especially as I was getting older and older.

Until 2 years ago. I decided that I needed to make some major changes in my eating habits and add more workouts to my life. I started a strict diet and I lost 50lb in one year but still wasn’t happy with the result because I was also losing muscle, not only fat. That was not my goal so I thought, just the diet is not enough, I needed someone to teach me and help me to have a strict work out so I could change my body. I did try a couple of sessions with a trainer but didn’t like them, I needed someone professional and finally 9 months ago I met Rudi Marashlian in one of the area’s private gyms and after a few minutes talking with him I felt he is different and I decided to start training with him. After a few sessions work out I realized I made the right choice and at this point I am really glad that I made that choice because the way Rudi trains me is not only physically, he also encourages me mentally to work harder to reach my goals so now I see even bigger changes coming my way and I am losing inches from my waist and all over my body and I am a lot more active and I feel a lot more energetic. Plus I can wear anything I want and that is what I missed my whole life. And most important, I am much healthier than I ever was in my life.

Artin A.

You are welcome to contact Rudi to find out more about what he does with his personal training clients. He’s also happy to answer fitness-related questions you may have.

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