Personal Training Client Win – Maree Cheatham

Maree shows how the right combination of exercise, nutrition and attitude keeps her acting career blooming.

Squats – How to Do Them Correctly

Squats are a fundamental movement. A good squat will not only strengthen legs and glutes, it will also strengthen the core (front and back).

Biggest Loser Inspires… Not Much

Shows like the Biggest Loser take an approach to fitness much like crash diets do with nutrition but do they actually inspire people to get active?

Performance Enhancement For All Ages

Do you love your sport and want to stay in the game longer and stronger? We’ve got 50 year-olds riding motor cross like they’re still 21.

Personal Training Success Story #1

Rudi has been doing personal training since the eighties, well before it was mainstream. In that time he has helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals.

Exercise – Instant Gratification

Most people start exercising to lose weight then give up soon after. The people who keep exercising usually look amazing but that’s not why they do it…

Biggest Barrier to Fitness

What is the biggest barrier to getting fit and how can you overcome it?

“Beware of Your Chair!” Says Aussie Fitness Expert

Did you know… “Too much sitting is hazardous to your health?”  There is a relatively new science called “inactive physiology” where the effects of sedentary behavior are investigated and analyzed to find out what, if anything, happens to our bodies when we sit too much. It turns out quite a lot happens (and, if you Continue reading →

Personal Training Vrs Health Insurance??

The cost of being and staying healthy, especially as one ages, can be very expensive especially if you’re overweight and like eating fatty, sugary foods. It doesn’t have to be that way and, strangely enough, not eating rich, fat-saturated foods and actually moving your body regularly can be surprisingly enjoyable and it pays dividends on Continue reading →

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