Best Natural Bodybuilding Exercises

Here are the best exercises for building natural muscle and an incredible physique. Young or old, these are great basics to build a better body.

Squats – How to Do Them Correctly

Squats are a fundamental movement. A good squat will not only strengthen legs and glutes, it will also strengthen the core (front and back).

Easy Seniors’ Strength Workout

Strong seniors stay youthful longer. Here is a simple, easy strength workout for seniors. No equipment needed.

Strength and Tone Workout

Simple strength and tone workout can be done anywhere. Easy strength exercises for everyone.

Squats – Variations For Core, Legs and Butt

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How to vary your squats with only a couple of dumbbells. Simple Basic Squat (with dumbbells) First make sure you are in correct squat from with your dumbbells in your hands by your sides. While holding them at your sides, do a regular squat. You will find that with the weight it is more difficult Continue reading →

Burn the Fat Workout

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Try this Burn the Fat Workout. It’s fast, fun and effective. Get you metabolism firing for fat-burning fitness.

Squats – To Perfection

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Here’s how to do the perfect squat Starting With the Feet We are going to start with the feet. You want your feet to be hip-shoulder width apart. Find the front part of your hips, run an imaginary line straight down to the ground, and make sure your feet are in that line. Doing this Continue reading →

Core Workout With Stability Ball

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This core workout uses a stability ball and body weight only. You can make it harder or easier depending on your fitness level.

Spartacus To The Max!

Sick of Insanity? Ready for some intense, hard-core, tough training in less than 30 minutes? Full body strength and conditioning with enough variations to keep you on your toes (and out of breath). Here’s our Spartacus take – perfect for men and women ready for a fitness challenge.

Core Workout – No Equipment Needed

December 27, 2011 by  
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Simple, quick and effective core workout. No equipment needed. Great for increasing back and abdominal strength and tone.

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