How Much Exercise Should I Be Doing?

August 22, 2012 by  
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How much you exercise depends on what you want to achieve – rock-hard sexiness, slim and toned sleekness, general health or something in between.

Exercise – The Almighty Cure

June 26, 2012 by  
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Exercise is medicine. Exercise is not just something you do to look and feel good. Exercise is gaining more ground as doctors prescribe it for the treatment of various serious diseases.

Strength Out-Muscles Diabetes

Something you might not know is that strength training has been proven to help prevent type 2 diabetes. Studies have been done to show that strength training helps prevent type 2 diabetes by triggering metabolic changes in the body.

Body Fitness And Pain-Free Posture

September 14, 2011 by  
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Posture is defined as skeletal and muscular balance of the body that allows it to move in certain ways and stay in certain positions without causing it injury. It has been found that misaligned skeletal framework of a body (most importantly the spine) can cause a multitude of health problems. The largest of these problems Continue reading →

Weight Loss – What Works, What Doesn’t and Why

Losing weight implies a subtraction of some kind – you want to subtract body weight (preferably body fat) – and there are several different ways to go about it; one is through diet which means subtracting calories from your food intake. That’s what low-calorie diets do, you eat fewer calories (calories measure the energy value Continue reading →

Interval Training: Fat-burning Miracle?

April 20, 2011 by  
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Interval training is getting a lot of attention right now and for very good reason. Find out how it spikes metabolism and why it’s becoming known as the fat-burning miracle.

Exercise Induced Breast Discomfort?

April 5, 2011 by  
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There is an obstacle to fitness that more than half of the population never have to think about but for us women, and especially women with larger breasts, it’s very real and can put a complete stop to even the thought of running or other similar activities. Some resourceful women overcome this obstacle by wearing Continue reading →

Getting into Shape – What’s it Worth?

January 7, 2011 by  
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According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the estimated annual medical cost of cardiovascular disease or stroke is $209.3 billion; cancer is $60.9 billion; diabetes is $92 billion; obesity is $61 billion. That’s a total of $423.2 billion! What’s more, many of these diseases can be prevented by simply exercising and eating Continue reading →

Three Ways to Lose Weight

February 2, 2009 by  
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How to Lose Ten Pounds in One Day To lose weight, you need to reduce one or more of the three main ingredients in your body: Adipose tissue: fat Water Lean tissue: muscle, bone or organs If your goal is just to lower the numbers on the weight scale, then you can lose a quick Continue reading →

Exercise & Workout Tips

January 31, 2009 by  
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Follow these to make you workouts safer, more effective, and more time-efficient – and get the fastest possible results, in shortest amount of time that your body’s genetics allow.

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